HOP FROG Coffee の淹れ方 –How to brew our coffee?–

■美味しい淹れ方■ ~Little tips to brew a tasty cup~


  フレンチプレス  :3分半




★Handy tools
・Kitchen scale
・Swan neck kettle

★Measurament is the key…
・The weight of the beans(15g)
・The weight of water( 200cc)
・The tempereture of water(95℃)
・The extraction time
  →Pour Over  1m30s
  →Press           3m30s

■How to make pour over?
・Pour hot water to get rid of the paper smell, then you can put the grind.
・Pour 40g of boiling water by drawing a circle.
・Give 20 sec to steam and break the coffee bed with a spoon to let out CO2, pour another 160g of water and wait for the last drip.
・Or pour another 170g of water vigorously to let out CO2 and wait for the last drip
・Enjoy the coffee.

※You should get it done within one and half minutes. If it is too slow, try coarser grind.